Warmth and Winter

I curl up a little more.
It’s cold outside
Yet no snow!

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Another Post Modern Musing

There are those days when I feel-

A hollow little deep within my chest.

That little deep goes deeper

And expands till it strangles me up within its strong clutches;

Till I cannot feel anymore.

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Caped Crusader: The first Adventure

On the eve of Justice League being released,lets take a look at the one hero who is the odd duck in a team of super-powered human beings, the one mortal who stood toe to toe with gods and earned their respect. Lets take a look at his first outing which changed the way how superhero movies will be perceived for every movie to follow.

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The thick line between science and pseudo-science

“Is science bullshit? No, but there is a lot of bullshit currently masquerading as science.” In 21st century, when Science constantly opened doors and became the light bringer, the masters of the dark understood that simply shoving bullshit won’t work on masses anymore. They invented a new tool. The science of bullshit.

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