Economic Reality: A tale of statistics

Lets be honest for a moment. Economics is an mind numbing discipline. For Economists its a bad, but also a good news in a way. Because you can make any argument stick if you just troll around in the data for long enough. To the average person the layman, its little bit different. The global economy must feel like to him a giant Hulking Mass , grinding against the world. Unstoppable and unanswerable to the individuals.

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A lie is a like Penumbra (Shadow of flying bird). Entire situation and existence are only in creator’s mind. Now it entirely depends on the skill of narrator how it gives out a perfect shape to a narration, so that listener concludes it as reality. Mostly it is said innocent ones are fooled easily. But, the fact is, it is an act involving lots of tact. Tact mostly involves a good communication skill, observation skill and lastly the skill of convincing others.

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The Problem with Free Giveaways : Indian Politics and Marketing in a Nutshell

When Reliance JIO entered Indian Market and took the telecom sector by storm by giving free data to every subscriber, their motto was Digital empowerment of the people of India. When recently Punjab Governments announced that the state will burden all costs of education of all women, their motto was woman empowerment. But deep-down the motto is marketing their party or a brand to bring audiences back. But the process of giving things away is not sustainable in long term and when the Free giveaways stop, are we really more empowered?

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