History Lies

It is important because history helps you understand the past to predict the future and help in creating it. Studying history gives us wide opportunities to get better understanding of our past experiences to count on the great achievements and avoid the horrific mistakes.But as in our country the syllabus is ever-changing , editing and updating and twisting we need to look at it at a different point of view.

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Programming: The art of instructions

With ever rising increase number of Software Engineers in our country also in the decline of IT services it may get lost that the heart of it all Programming is not only a tool to make computer do stuff that takes out manual labor.A lot of debate has happened if programming can be called art or just a craft, but with the internet and the new breed of aesthetic programmers we now sure have enough to prove my argument.

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Mythologies of the Enlightened age : Superheroes

It was not long ago superhero comics and movies was viewed with a pinch of salt as kids movies with nothing of substance on offer. Nowadays you cant change a channel without discussions on superheroes ,but what changed?

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Essays : Questions not Answers.

Not just a thing on school syllabus or the editorial of a newspaper , I believe essays are not just merely an form of writing or a tool to analyse an topic but as an scope to look to the world, to challenge an idea . The very form of debate with yourself, but you may disagree. Let’s change that, shall we?

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