Marvel’s Biggest baddie just wants to be your Daddy

Since The culmination of MCU dropped 2 weeks ago, The movie has broken all box office records, left millions teary-eyed and has sent shockwaves through the whole fandom of comic book fans across the globe. But one thing is for sure, this movie is Thanos’s Movie. So as much as the big Villain who arrived after 10 years of teasing wants to bring balance to the universe, there is something else he wants as well.


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Google : Harvesting the masses

Google turned 18 last year, and is now an adult. You may ask: Do we really care? Well, the answer is “Yes, we do…” That’s because, Google is everywhere and whether we like it or not, its presence cannot be denied; in fact few companies have had such a huge impact on our daily lives as Google. Other than providing anything asked, some people believe they have an hidden agenda, and as it turns out, they were right.

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Caped Crusader: The first Adventure

On the eve of Justice League being released,lets take a look at the one hero who is the odd duck in a team of super-powered human beings, the one mortal who stood toe to toe with gods and earned their respect. Lets take a look at his first outing which changed the way how superhero movies will be perceived for every movie to follow.

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The thick line between science and pseudo-science

“Is science bullshit? No, but there is a lot of bullshit currently masquerading as science.” In 21st century, when Science constantly opened doors and became the light bringer, the masters of the dark understood that simply shoving bullshit won’t work on masses anymore. They invented a new tool. The science of bullshit.

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Journalism in India: A 24×7 show of Sensational Breaking News

With recent black out order of NDTV a debate has arisen about Free speech of media. But in a country which has almost the 3rd highest number of media outlets, how capable or responsible are our media ? Why are they constantly trying to have our attention ?The answer might not be so simple yet so obvious.

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Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin’s Masterclass in playing with the Audience

It is easy to think that a complex story like “Game of Thrones” will be told in a complex way. But in truth it is an exact opposite. Because of the vast numbers of characters, locations and story lines each theme has leaned heavily onto a basic fundamental of storytelling. It would be an understatement to say that people get attached to the characters of Game of Thrones. So how does a show which presumably has nothing new except tried and tested Sex, Politics, Battles, Dragons and medieval kingdoms bring audiences from around the world in and evoke such strong emotions?

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