Google : Harvesting the masses

Google turned 18 last year, and is now an adult. You may ask: Do we really care? Well, the answer is “Yes, we do…” That’s because, Google is everywhere and whether we like it or not, its presence cannot be denied; in fact few companies have had such a huge impact on our daily lives as Google. Other than providing anything asked, some people believe they have an hidden agenda, and as it turns out, they were right.

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Caped Crusader: The first Adventure

On the eve of Justice League being released,lets take a look at the one hero who is the odd duck in a team of super-powered human beings, the one mortal who stood toe to toe with gods and earned their respect. Lets take a look at his first outing which changed the way how superhero movies will be perceived for every movie to follow.

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The thick line between science and pseudo-science

“Is science bullshit? No, but there is a lot of bullshit currently masquerading as science.” In 21st century, when Science constantly opened doors and became the light bringer, the masters of the dark understood that simply shoving bullshit won’t work on masses anymore. They invented a new tool. The science of bullshit.

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The Indian Present

With statistics of Biggest growing economy, highest workforce, a stable government India from outside, India sure looks like the next big superpower. I think for quite a while we are that only, stuck in challenge mode. But never the actually challenging to take its rightful place in the progressive world. I think the reason is quite simple. The people, Indians are what holds India Back.

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The Problem with Free Giveaways : Indian Politics and Marketing in a Nutshell

When Reliance JIO entered Indian Market and took the telecom sector by storm by giving free data to every subscriber, their motto was Digital empowerment of the people of India. When recently Punjab Governments announced that the state will burden all costs of education of all women, their motto was woman empowerment. But deep-down the motto is marketing their party or a brand to bring audiences back. But the process of giving things away is not sustainable in long term and when the Free giveaways stop, are we really more empowered?

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