One beautiful day,

Sunshine which never fade.

A girl with pretty face,

Her hair was a complete mess.

Standing on the Balcony,

Holding a mug.

Drinking slowly and steadily,

One after one chug.

Eyes bold and dark,

Its mascara which left

the mark.

Lips sobbing and red,

Trying hard not to hate.

Mind working hard to forget,

All about the last night.

But its all slideshow,

Which kept her from reaching a state.

Its a spendid view before her,

Green grass, blue sky and free

flowing air.

Thoughts made her ignore,

She felt standing lonely and bore.

Last sip ended with Courage,

Giving her enough rage.

She pulled up the cotton,

Wiped off all at one go.

Took meditating bath,

Couple of decisions made,

Few lessons learned.

She gathered pieces of her broken heart,

Wore it like an ornament.

Eyes again bold and valiant,

Lips attained a curved pavement.

She looked up the sky blue,

Feeling light like feather flew.

I still sit here and wonder,

What exactly brought rage.

Was the sip was from God of Thunder,

Or was it the Nature which again played the game?

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