The Indian Present

With statistics of Biggest growing economy, highest workforce, a stable government India from outside, India sure looks like the next big superpower. I think for quite a while we are that only, stuck in challenge mode. But never the actually challenging to take its rightful place in the progressive world. I think the reason is quite simple. The people, Indians are what holds India Back.

We Indians are not the most aware people.  We don’t watch the news for news we watch it to either for entertainment or to affirm our own beliefs which we already have set. Once someone challenges those, we simply ignore them because there is plenty else in form media to choose from. There always was plenty of alternatives to support you. But the problem came when not only just protecting your beliefs was enough. Questioning it was not seen as an attack. We used to turn a deaf ear.

In the digital age, information should have been more available. But we still do not verify what we see on pages we follow. We share and believe fake information without checking on a daily basis.

The regular folk just want to keep their head down and get by. Take the ever growing cults by example. Almost everyone I talk to know they are bullshit. But still, the numbers are growing. And we still think if someone believes in some harmless bullshit what is the harm in that. The harm here is, if the bulls outnumber the tiger by 9 to 1 its no longer the obvious fight. If you let a weed grow, by the time we realize how far it has spread the pillars of the house grow weak.

The children are the future of the country. We protect them because we love them. We want to protect their innocence for as long as we can. But by the time school is over and college starts and adulthood hits most children in this country do not have any idea about the policymakers, about the cult leaders, about the religions about the complexity of life. Because of this, they pick up on the first available choice given to them. By the time they are 18 and have voting rights how many truly understand the power that is given to them.

India needs to learn to empathize. Isolation does not work. Nobody is beyond saving. Also if we keep ignoring weeds until the roots of our democracy are crumbling, it might be too late.


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