A lie is a like Penumbra (Shadow of flying bird). Entire situation and existence are only in creator’s mind. Now it entirely depends on the skill of narrator how it gives out a perfect shape to a narration, so that listener concludes it as reality. Mostly it is said innocent ones are fooled easily. But, the fact is, it is an act involving lots of tact. Tact mostly involves a good communication skill, observation skill and lastly the skill of convincing others.

The lie is a media to escape some unhandled situation. In fact, it is appreciated, not telling the truth when there is neither a loss nor a gain. A lie can be compared to an Expensive Dress which you need to wear in special occasion. For obvious reason, if you wear an expensive dress more often it loses its charm, in other words, people get used to it.

Lie only gives pleasure because one cannot attain felicity by believing a situation or an expression which does not exist. The lie is an undiscovered truth. Another part of the story is when everybody starts accepting with the lie it becomes ‘Deception’. Here, the question comes why do we need Deception? May be to prove something which we are not.

From The Wizard’s First Rule “People are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true”. Believe it or not, we are always a part of the world full of illusion.


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