Essays : Questions not Answers.

Not just a thing on school syllabus or the editorial of a newspaper , I believe essays are not just merely an form of writing or a tool to analyse an topic but as an scope to look to the world, to challenge an idea . The very form of debate with yourself, but you may disagree. Let’s change that, shall we?

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One fine day she woke up,

Things looked same not differing much.

Except a piece of paper,

Which sane people refer as Letter.


She found it near door,

She was there to fetch milk and few things more.

She was 29 and married,

Finding ‘The Letter’ made her bit upset.


Letter was actually a narration,

Resembling a guy following her nation after nation.

Writer did a neat job,

Considering each emotion both smile and sob.


Letter said:

“I always followed you;

From school, college, office and bank,

You never noticed,

Because it was a tricky prank.


You are always a blessing to look at,

Almighty painted you from bottom to start.



Your smile looked like Christmas Moon,

Neither too old nor too soon.


Seeing your face crumble;

Made me worry,

As if fine clay;

Is becoming all slurry.


I know this letter;

Might take you to your Nerves,

But, seeing you after;

A long time is all I urge.


‘World is not a wish granting factory’;

You have always proved it wrong,

Because you are my peace, freedom and love;

I have ever longed for.


Tomorrow is you Birthday;

Wish you All The Best,

I will again see your;

Heartfelt proud face.


This time you will Identify me,

I will be wearing a shirt of pink,

Holding a bunch of Daisy and Lily.”


Sweat dropped from her forehead,

Leaving her all Clueless and Amazed.

Biding Goodbye to her Husband next,

She decided not to disclose not even by text.

Finally, the day came;

Her better half arranged an event,

House was full of guest;

Her eyes were looking for the person in disguise.

A man appeared;

Wearing shirt of pink,

Same shirt which she brought;

By breaking her bank piggy.

As mentioned, he was holding,

Bunch of Lilies and Daisies;

Seeing him, after all these years,

Alluring eyes welled up with all tears.

He was none other than her Father,

Who raised her with all trust and prayer.

He quoted the line

Kissing her forehead

With watery eyes:

“’World is not a wish granting factory’,

You have always proved it wrong.

Because you are my peace, freedom and love,

I have always longed for.”

Marvel’s Biggest baddie just wants to be your Daddy

Since The culmination of MCU dropped 2 weeks ago, The movie has broken all box office records, left millions teary-eyed and has sent shockwaves through the whole fandom of comic book fans across the globe. But one thing is for sure, this movie is Thanos’s Movie. So as much as the big Villain who arrived after 10 years of teasing wants to bring balance to the universe, there is something else he wants as well.


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Google : Harvesting the masses

Google turned 18 last year, and is now an adult. You may ask: Do we really care? Well, the answer is “Yes, we do…” That’s because, Google is everywhere and whether we like it or not, its presence cannot be denied; in fact few companies have had such a huge impact on our daily lives as Google. Other than providing anything asked, some people believe they have an hidden agenda, and as it turns out, they were right.

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